I always let film credits play till the very end

I always let the credits at the end of a film play until the very end. I think it started because of some films having a hidden clip after the credits, and so I wanted to make sure I didn't miss out on anything. Now though, even if I know for sure that there isn't anything after the credits, I'll still let it play. It just doesn't feel like the film has fully finished otherwise. Plus it'd seem really abrupt to just suddenly switch it off midway through the background music of the credits, the music is a nice steady departure from the film instead.

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  • Some movies, and all Marvel movies have bits after the credits. The Marvel ones are actually story related.

    This one time in the movie theatre this girl that worked there skipped to the end past the credits because me and my dad were waiting for it.

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  • Do you remember the movie "Airplane"? It had a short scene after the credits finished. In the credits it had "best boy" and someone's name and right after it had worst boy who was Adolph Hitler. :)

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