I’m so lazy and i can’t motivate myself to do anything

I’m so lazy. All I do is rot on my phone. I lose interest quickly and I just take up space in the world.

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  • This is unfortunately very common, and I think overindulgence in technology and social media only makes the cycle more vicious. The short format social media that is becoming increasingly popular seems to only make things like loss of interest and attention span worse as well.

    I know it seems very obvious and is much harder said than done, but the best thing you can do is cut down on your phone/social media usage considerably. Many phones have app timers and black and white mode so that you are limited on how much you use certain apps and the phone becomes less appealing without the color.

    When it comes to motivation, unfortunately, sometimes you just have to force yourself to do what you need to do and the motivation comes later once you reap the rewards of being productive and developing healthier habits. It's really hard to get started, but completely possible. It's important to stay disciplined and keep trying!

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  • Same but I don't call it laziness, it's more like chronic fatigue. Also swap out phone for computer and there we go that's me.

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  • Dust on dust floating in more dust.

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