I’m obsessed with bic cristal ballpoint pens

The obsession began during my senior year English class. My teacher claimed she went through an entire pack of pens (I noticed she used bic cristals.) That would have been a case of 10. She said should would just put a grade at the top of the paper because nobody took her class seriously.

But I used bic cristals to take notes in my classes except math. I only went through 8.How could she go through so many? My mind had been obsessed since.

I work in a school now and I saw the nurse had two cups filled with mostly bic cristals and there were almost all gone! I looked at everyone and pretty much all were more than half used. How can she go through so many pens?????

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  • I've been writing with a pen a lot lately and I think I have the answer. Occasionally, ballpoint pens just stop writing and you have to rub them a bunch to get them going again. I think what's going on is that as soon as that happens the first time, they immediately throw the pen away.

    As to the two cups filled with pens, they're likely being used (or have been used) by multiple people.

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  • It's the number one selling pen in the world.

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  • Yes

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  • I have a jar of pens on my table. I recently decided never to keep those free pens with advertising. They always fail right when you most need them. I’m removing stress from my life and will only keep bic pens now.

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