I’m friends with fat people as motivation

I’m deliberately friends with fat people because seeing how ugly and miserable they are is motivation for me to stay in shape.

I really prioritise health and fitness in my life and I have a friend who is not quite overweight but quite chubby. She is 19 and no guy has ever asked her out or been attracted to her.

When I’m tempted to overeat or to skip a workout, I picture how her tummy sticks out and bulges obscenely and it motivates me to keep on dieting and exercising.

Is it normal that I purposefully keep these people in my life for that reason?

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  • No it's not normal to use people for your own benefit.

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  • I feel sorry for you that you are so shallow you need to use people this way. You have no real friends just people you latch onto and use. I bet all your ‘fat friends’ as you call them are nice people, happy in their lives. In time they will probably all meet nice men (or women) and have normal relationships. You are more likely to meet a succession of arseholes because you will go for men who hide behind an image of someone they’re not, just like you do

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  • There are some freaks on this site but you're right up there with the worst of them. You are not a "friend" to anyone. Not even yourself.

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  • Man I feel bad for your fat friend not getting guys. I would love to fuck her maybe you can drop some contact info?

    The rest of the post is not normal.

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  • Yes, it's normal. As long as you're nice to them, and don't voice your thoughts, it's fine.

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  • No,it's absolutely not normal!! It's really mean actually and I feel really bad for your friends!!

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  • Normal enough, we all keep things in ou rrd lifs that keep us motivated, yours is fat unhealthy people. All the power to ya.

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