I’m a young woman + confused about pain location(s) when guy hit in balls

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I’m a young woman and I’m still confused about the specific area(s) where there’s pain after a guy gets hit in the balls.

Like does it actually hurt in the balls or only elsewhere or both?

And is it different for different guys?

I’m so confused.


More info about my confusion:

Growing up, I knew it hurt guys to get hit in the balls, but I always thought it hurt in the balls and in the balls alone.

But then...

One day in class a boy said that when someone gets hit in the balls it hurts up here (gesturing to his abdomen area) not down here (gesturing to his crotch).

So then that’s what I thought was always the situation when a guy gets hit in the balls.

But then, I brought it up with another woman I know and she thinks that’s not the case for most guys because guys sometimes hold their balls after being hit there.

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  • The primary pain is in the testicles, but it can hurt in the abdomen. It all depends on the force of the impact and the way a particular guy's nervous system works.

    The testicles are attached to the vagus nerve, which is also connected to the digestive tract. If a guy is hit hard in the balls, that nerve's connections in his brain can leave him feeling dizzy, nauseous and he might even vomit.

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  • This article will sum it up for you


    Its basically a matter of nerves and where they lead.

    On a related note, never kick a guy in the testicle unless they really deserve it, like they're sexually assaulting you or the like. The reason is that the male testes have nothing to protect them like other organs do, for example the lungs have the ribcage, etc. You can ruin a guys chance of having kids for life or in rarer circumstances, cause them to have to be castrated. The former happened to my brother, who was unable to father children after our sister kicked him in the groin.

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  • Getting hit in the balls does mostly hurt literally there, but there is some collateral pain that hits the abdomen, the kidneys, up the spine to the back then front of the head, then back to the balls.

    I suppose the best a female can relate is a hard shot in the kidney, but down there. Then again women have pain men won't be able to relate to, so who knows?

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  • Just grab them with your left hand and punch then with your right of you want to really inflict pain

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  • https://ibb.co/sC11P4r

    Racking my balls when I was a teenager

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  • As someone who routinely got kicked in the balls by my friends in school, I can definitively say that all the pain of impact is in the balls. If someone feels pain in their stomach I don't know what the fuck is wrong with their anatomy

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