I’m 1 month sober? how long does it take to become “100% sober”?

First month off of weed and alcohol? Is this a good sign or a bad sign? What if I really do end up becoming 100% sober? How long does it take to not use drugs for your body to stay sober forever I guess is what I’m asking?

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  • Never,

    When I quit smoking, I had to set short and long term goals. Three days, a week, month, year, 3 years and so on. I wouldn't even use the term quit until 3 years.
    The reason I say never is, I'm a nicaholic. It's been well over 10 years and I still like the smell of a cigarette and have a craving every once in a while.
    I would think it's going to be the same for alcohol or drugs. I also know just like an alcoholic if I ever had a cigarette again I would probably go right back where I left, and would have to fight to stop again.

    Accepting and knowing or not wanting to go back is part of the process.

    Congratulations on the month, go for 3 months!

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  • You can become sober as fast as the alcohol or drugs leave your system and your body recovers its normal metabolism.

    That may be difficult to go through, but typically takes a few days to a week.

    The real question is how long you can remain sober? Some people cannot remain sober for more than a few days.

    Others remain sober for decades. They tend to join various organizations that assist with addiction recovery, or have very strong personal reasons.

    When I was in Jr High (1969/1970) one of the younger sisters of a friend jumped up one day and hugged my friends mom (who smoked) and then said something like: I love you mom. I love you a lot, and always want to love you. I wish you would quit smoking so I can love you for the longest time possible.

    The mother dropped the cigarette in her mouth. Picked up the pack of cigarettes on the table and looked at them - and then to her youngest daughter. Tossed the cigarettes into the trash. Hugged her daughter back and told her that she also wanted to love her for as long as she could.

    That mother never smoked another cigarette in her life. Her daughter gave her the best reason in the world to quit.

    I have heard a few similar stories about alcohol and drugs. But, I saw this one about nicotine addiction with my own eyes.

    In cases like that - no support organizations are needed. But, for many they are needed.

    I wish you the best luck with your dreams and goals...

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  • A friend of mine Is at 3 months. He told me one is 2 many but never enough either. So just stay sober and you'll be fine. Easier said than done of course but it's just one day at a time

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  • Join AA and they'll give you chips or tokens of sobriety periods like 3 months, 1 year, 5 years and shit. It seems pretty encouraging.

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  • One day at a time, my friend - one day at a time. The longer you're sober, the easier it'll get. Maybe one day you will begin to discover a self that you never knew before.

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  • 407 years.

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  • I can't tell if you're asking when your body fully metabolizes the drugs and alcohol or if staying sober s certain amount of time guarantees your continuous sobriety.
    If it's the latter you may end up needing to join a support group and work a program to stay sober.

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    • Yeah, more like latter item like you said. If staying sober for a certain amount of time would guarantee it continues?

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      • I'm not sure that's a thing. It will get easier but nothing guarantees your sobriety. I work a program for my recovery and it makes my odds of staying sober a lot higher.

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