How to talk to shy guy?

If I am shy girl how do I talk to shy guy?
We like each other but we cant talk much.
I can only talk when someone doesnt make me uncomfortable and he makes me uncomfortable to talk because hes shy so he dont make me feel relaxed and its same from his side I guess.
We want to know each other more.
I dont want to date other guys anymore because they dont like shyness in reality only because its a little cute in girls and they say that I am like an anime. What does that mean? I dont look at anime.
So whatever how can me and this guy talk better? Please serious only

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  • Shyness is the result of people being very self-consciousness, having low self-esteem and being terrified of judgment and rejection.

    If two people are both like that and they can't get past it - if they're both certain they're worthless and will be rejected - then there's no chance that anything meaningful will happen.

    I suggest you forget about the guy and forget about having any boyfriend for the time being. Instead, work on sorting out your self-esteem and confidence problems. If you manage to shift your self-perception to a more positive attitude, your life will be much better, and not just in the area of relationships with guys.

    As far as your question about animé is concerned, I imagine the guys see you as being very like the female characters in animé who have the bodies of women, but the voice and facial features of a five year old girl. I've never understood the appeal of that, but then I'm not a paedophile.

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  • Find a common interest and bond over it, do hobbies together. And talking will probably come more naturally. Also consider showing him something, such as a youtube video you watched (of course use judgement of whats appropriate and interesting)

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  • In these situations one person has to bite the bullet and have an overload of their usual social capacity. Drag hin into conversations that are light and easy to have, nothing too thought provoking as to put him on the spot and trigger his shy tendencies.

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    • Its always me who has to do this with every shy guy I met.

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  • Why do you want to date this boy, it sounds like you have nothing in common and no chemistry, is it purely for his looks?

    Also the guys comparing you to an anime character sound like creeps, reducing you to a childlike cartoon character is not a compliment. I’m glad you’ve lost interest in them.

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    • I love it when people say I look like an anime character. Anime characters are so cute <3 especially the childlike innocent ones. It's rare to find childlike, innocence and sweetness although I'm like that

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    • He is a good person very honest and its rare to meet a guys like him I have never during many years now and if I have we did not have chemistry and they are my friends now

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