How to stop being sleepy ?

I have my final exams going on and whenever i open the book i feel sleepy; i dont want to sleep.
I tried drinking Tea,coffee but no use. What to do?

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  • Get enough sleep... Also here is a tip, study in the morning, or afternoon... The worst time to study, I believe, is late at night.

    You've had a hard day doing stuff, you are tired, your brain is in no condition to take in any new information. The last thing you want to do is force yourself to stay awake up until 2AM... When I was still in university I would leave the studying for the morning and afternoon. My limit was 7-8PM, after that I would stop studying and relax.
    Have dinner, take a shower to ease up, watch a movie without too much thinking to relax some more and go to sleep. I'd wake up refreshed on the next day ready to rumble.

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  • Adderall

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  • You need motivation. Watch videos on Youtube that will motivate you. Set a study time every day. And only drink energy drinks at night when you study and feel sleepy, not all the time.

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  • One word: methamphetamine.

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  • I used to be a piece of shit that was always sleepy and now I am too because I have stopped those things :

    Go to sleep early, before 9pm
    Wake up early, 6am
    Don't smoke, never
    Don't drink, never
    Drink cold water
    Eat a lot on the morning, 500kcal
    Do sport
    Eat well, give up sugar / bad fat
    Have fun
    Laugh as much as you can
    Masturbate when you want not just when you can (without porn it gets better)

    If you do dis everyday, you won't be able to stay up late and you will feel like a super Saiyan until 9pm.

    Also, Go to the doctor for a blood check in order to be sure that nothing is wrong.

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    • Without porn(masturbation)gets better ?? I didn’t understand this one !

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    • "Wake up early, 6am"

      5am is better.

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      • 5 am is too early, never heard about the circadian cycle ?

        Yes OP, masturbating without porn will bring you stronger orgasm that means way more relaxation. Porn is like eating fast food. Masturbation is totally fine, just do it when you want it, not when you are bored. Some people masturbate before going to bed because it is supposed to help them sleep better but it's wrong, masturbation should not be scheduled.

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  • How many hours of sleep are you getting every night?

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    • If i have exam tomorrow morning, i sleep at 2 am then wake up at 7
      But we have gaps in exams so i sleep more on the next day:( i dont think I have lack of sleep ) and also :- i only feel sleepy while studying not at other chores :(

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  • Now this is going to sound weird but you need to eat straight caffeine like a 200mg pill because that shit contains 5 cups worth. And you will only die if you eat the entire bottle.

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