How to stop being a bitter pessimistic person?

I really need some advice. It's getting worse over time. My friends say i only see the negative side of everything, it's almost impossible for me to have optimistic thoughts. What can i do to stop this?

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  • Start a gratitude journal, and list three to five things you're grateful for everyday. 🤓

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  • Man it's a hard one to fix but it is very important to fix not only for your mental health but it will wreak havoc on your life if you do not.

    I noticed I did this a bit when I was depressed and not doing good in life. But it was a problem that fixed itself because I started doing better in life. Do you happen to be in a really bad spot in life? That could trigger it. And finding your way out of that way might make you grateful for the things you have.

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    • Agreed with this!

      The more positive things you do in life, the more positive your outlook becomes, in my experience.

      Also, if there are people in your life who drag you down (and double down and do it even more when you are improving your life and yourself), cut those people loose! I find that I'm more negative and unhappy if I've been hanging around people who are like that.

      I definitely agree with finding things you are grateful for as well. In my opinion, gratitude is a HUGE factor in happiness. It's amazing how good you can feel about your life when you look at all of the things, big or small, that you have. Even simple things we take for granted and overlook on a daily basis, someone else would do anything to have, and that's enough to make me extra thankful that I am fortunate enough to have those things.

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  • You've got to accentuate the positive...e-liminate the negative..... 🎵🎶

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  • If all of your thoughts are negative why don't you just... idk... stop thinking. Like completely

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