How to keep an ex-con away after giving him money 20

A guy I knew just got out of prison and stopped by for a handout of money and clothes and a place to shower. He is homeless and I felt sorry for him. I gave him 20 dollars and a shirt and shorts. He left and I was relieved that he was gone, but he came back knocking on my door, I just went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet until he quit knocking and my dog quit barking. What will I do when he comes back and sees me outside and ask if he can take a shower or something (money, food, etc..). I really wish he was GONE. He terrifies me, jailhouse tattoo all over, solid muscle.
How do you tell an ex-con to stay away from your apt? I'm afraid of him and his ways of thinking..badbadbad. If you say "Just tell him No More" I'm afraid of some sort of retaliation or con-reasoning of lies.. where can I buy a pet "Orangutan" haha not really funny but that's what it would take to scare him off.

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  • You a single woman ? Should carry a gun. Bare minimum have one in the house. Lot of folk stick those home security signs in their front yards these days

    If he’s homeless he shouldn’t stick around the area too long, they tend to migrate.
    You could try the ole ‘muddy men’s boots on the front step’ trick to give the illusion that a man lives in the house
    He likely has done this with atleast a dozen or so people so you aren’t as singled out as you might think

    Tell someone you know what happened and tell them his full name, I know women do this anyway with their friends before going on a date lmfao

    I won’t convince you out of caution, but ex-cons are usually ‘more afraid of you than you are of them’ because you can make one complaint and he’s a goner all over again - He knows this, he knows better, even if he’s crazy or a junkie or a mix of the two they know they’re at the bottom of the legal food chain

    This is a lesson not to feed stray dogs

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  • The best way I've found to get rid of a freeloader is to immediately start complaining that you've fallen on hard times yourself. My deadbeat brother in law always used to hit me up for money until as soon as he called me I'd tell him that my wife(his sister) had bled me dry. Now he doesn't even bother calling me.

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  • Im assuming based on how you wrote this you are a woman. I dont think you should have given him anything but since he came back you need to tell him you struggle for money yourself and you cant afford to give him anymore money. DO NOT allow him in your house he will at best steal from you. I grew up around these ppl and he sees you as what they call a duck. Dont be a duck. He's probably a master manipulator and he knows he's intimidating you. He knows you are uncomfortable. You should also have a firearm if you live in the states and are a woman who lives alone.

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  • At least you have a dog.

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  • You could tell him, you can't afford anymore money and you are real busy today so he can't come in. He could come by tomorrow and take another shower, however it will probably be in cold water because your not going to have any hot water for a while. Can't afford it!

    He probably won't be back, but just in case turn your hot water heater off tonight and use up the hot water that's in the tank by taking a shower or doing the laundry before bedtime.

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  • He’s probably not that bad. Lol. But no, don’t invite him in. Just say I don’t feel comfortable with that wish you the best.

    Lil fraidy cat.

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