How to hide burn marks?

I burnt myself near my knee with hot glue. It usually doesn't leave a mark but this time I have a blister mark from it. I need an excuse or story on how I got a small jelly bean size bruise. Or a way to hide it. I wear shorts a lot

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  • Just the truth should do. Nothing to be embarrassed about. Just make sure you get treatment if it's a deep burn, or it gets infected. If it's smaller than, say, a quarter (which it sounds), and not deep, you can treat it at home.

    Unless you're doing this out of self harm, in which case, please, please tell someone and get help. It is not something to be ashamed of. You're hurting, but with help it will get better.

    I hope I'm over analysing, though.

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    • I play with hot glue and I accidentally used the high temp setting.I used to self harm alot and my therapist says candle wax and low temp hot glue are better but I accidentally used high temp I'm a senior in high school so If a teacher sees I'm in deep shit I was suspended for self harm once.

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      • That's unfair and so, so wrong that you would get punished for hurting yourself. They should be helping, not punishing you.

        Please talk to your therapist about it.

        I'm not qualified to help with this sort of issues - I've had depression most of my life, but never wanted to self harm. Perhaps your therapist could make it known to your shitty teachers that punishing you for this is only going to make the situation worse.

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