How to go to the doctor in this case (pls help lol)

Hi! So, i maybe overthinking... and also, this is an awkward question-- but then again its is it normal-- but recently i have been having a lot of sharp pain *down there* as a women

I would tell my mom, but i know she would either say im eating too much junk food (which doesnt make sense cus we barely even HAVE food), not going out enough (so i guess we'll just ignore school and all my afterschool stuff i do) or will just makr uncomfy remarks about ny body

Now, if she DOES listen, which she wont, she wouldnt take me to the doctors for some reason (either she doesnt wanna drive me, or im overreacting, or ive been not good etc..)

My only other option is to tell my dad, but thats putting a lot of stress on him that he doesnt need, as well as he isnt home often so he cant take me

Does anyone know what to do? It just keeps getting worse and ive been like crying cus the pain lol

Any help is very much appreciated, and thanks in advance

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  • Go to a gynecologist because they are experts on these things.

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  • Tell your dad thats what he's there for.

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  • Look into ovarian cysts. It’s super common but not really talked about. Ask your mom if she ever had them bc it is genetic. Good luck!

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  • Try to track the pain along with your cycles. There is often a pattern to them. Checking for cysts is a good idea. They pop up randomly and if your egg passes over it during ovulation.. ouch!

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  • Not a woman but down there problems is usually enough to go to a doctor to check. Dont really want anything wrong to he wrong with your bits.

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  • Lmfao, the last part made me laugh a bit ty 😭
    But ill try to get the confidence to ask my mom about it tomorrow, much thanks

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