How to get over this?

Not an is it normal question, sorry, but ive had my room as it was since i was 2. I was given the oppurtunity to redecorate it (in about 6 months) so ofc i was like yeah since it looks like.. Well, a 2 year olds room lol. But as time went on i kinda ig got attached to how my room is. I wanna change it still, but idk how to like get over it. Anyone have good advice for it? Sorry it sounds so stupid lol

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  • Is it possible that you did or things haappen to you at that age, that you don't want to let go?

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  • I think all you can really do is change it anyway and form an attachment to your newly decorated room by spending time in it.

    Eventually your new room will become your new normal and you'll become attached. The more you make your room represent you as a person and the more time you spend in it the faster it will happen. Put up posters of things you like, paint the wall your favorite color, get sheets and pillow covers that appeal to the new older you etc.

    It's like how moving to a new place and living and sleeping there feels weird for a while and at some point without you even noticing you get used to it and it just becomes your new normal.

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    • Right, that makes sense! Thanks :D

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