How to get a gf

Tell me how to get gf
How to attract a girl

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  • Night time would be your best choice. Hide in dark places then when girls walk past approach them from behind and attempt to communicate with them. They will see you as confident and cool.

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  • paint yourself bright yellow like a bee to stand out from the crowd. approach the lady you are interested in and gift her a basket of pomegranates as an offering and ask her if she would be willing to accompany you to the nearest radioactive site. this will work 87% of the time, if she declines scream and flee the scene

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  • This...this is why you don't have one.

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  • To get a girl, know if realistically if she's in your league.

    Find out her basic requirements and her wants/ what she's into.

    If you're looking to attract one, I recommend you do NOT use pickup lines they're very cheap and corny.

    Of course, if you get rejected don't beat yourself over it, there's always going to be other girls out there to ask.

    When you do go with a girl go with the flow and flow slowly like water, you'll be fine with zero problems.

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  • There's a couple of methods. The most important part is to not swing too high above your own appearance and to have a compatible personality.

    I've been dating my girlfriend for 8 years though. We started dating in middle school and I guess we just kind of fit.

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  • I'm afraid you might not be able to. Women are the most shallow creatures around.

    Screw them.

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  • Tinder. Its not just for hookups.

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  • Have lots of money for starters.

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  • You? You don't.

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  • Is English your first language?

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  • Ask her questions

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  • Join some activity groups in your area doing things you like or things you might be interested in.

    You will likely meet other ladies who are interested in the same things... and then you can become casual friends because of your shared interest.

    Progressing to intimate involvment (girlfriend status) usually requires you to be able to talk to them appropriately.

    I suggest that you read (and reread every so often) the following books:

    "How to Win Friends & Influence People In The Digital Age" by Dale Carnegie and Associates.

    "The Art of Dealing With People" by Les Giblin

    "Skill With People" by Les Giblin.

    The previous 2 books by Les Biblin are pamphlet sized books that complement each other. They are both quick reads and provide the key basics.

    I also suggest that you read "The 5 Love Languages" (The Teenager version based on what I guess your age is) by Gary Chapman so you understand the basics of what it takes to show someone that you care about them.

    I believe that you will be very successful in finding a really good GF if you follow this advice; but, some of this takes practice and time. Your first conversations are unlikely to be perfect, and you learn from them and get better (which is why you need to reread the books from time to time).

    An added bonus is that people who learn how to communicate well get paid higher wages.

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  • Learn to relax and talk to them first, even if it doesn’t lead to a date, you’re honing your skills. Talk to them at school, work, the market and at restaurants. Then if you meet one you like, ask her out.

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