How to find a date?

How on earth am I meant to find a lady to date besides dating sites? I literally have exhausted all options, I have never had a date. Also, seems like no one has time for relationships as everyone seems to busy with work and study. So far I searched lesbian events up on Facebook I attended a couple meet ups, didnt like anyone tbh I also went to a lesbian night club And will be going to the same one next month for the hell of it but idk, not a great way to meet someone genuine

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  • If you can't find a date after all that effort, try a calendar.

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  • Seems like your waiting for them to come to you a little too much. Most women expect initiative mate. If your not hella ugly or a complete dick who just so happens to all have one, you should be able to get connected to have sex at some point, especially if your on some dating sites. Finding a meaningful, understanding partner who adores you and is a perfect match is almost impossible, so you may need to lower your expectations a but, at least to start.

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  • Whip out your tits to people on the streets

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  • Talk to strangers. It's a great way to make friends.

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  • Networking. Start hanging out with friends and they will have friends that have friends that know some girls. You can start going to a local pub if you dont have friends. Start going a lot and meet all the usuals. The usuals will introduce you to other usuals that are single. Tell your friends youre looking for a girlfriend. Theyll help you if they can.

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