How to discuss salary at job interview and still get the job?

(warning: I like to use the word "shit", if you are not ok with that, don't even read it)

Job titles are all crap, I found. They make shit sound like gold nuggets. And I keep falling for the trap.

I am scared shitless of applying for jobs. It's a huge ordeal for me. It takes me the whole day to write my resume half-way and that eats me up inside. I don't feel worthy of any jobs that I wished I could have and I am just getting older and older. I am not patient enough to spend 10 years, not even one year, on a job just to get a promotion or switch to another company. I want to build my own company some day and not work for others all the time, I know how to do that and believe in it. But in order to do that I have to get money from somewhere first. I won't take money from investors.

So how can someone earn enough money to live and invest in their own company and also still have lots of free time? I think this should be a right for everyone, I don't think it's asking too much. I am ready to work hard, but not so much and so long that I will die.

How do I start a career without making mistakes and being able to support: rent, bills, health insurance, taxes, husband, food and drink, dog, life, fixing broken things, car, stuff for living, savings, investment, etc.
I have to be able to support myself and others and kill some debts. The first job I take needs to support me for at least a year. But this one which I am qualified for doesn't pay enough. Yet I have to apply for it because it's my best chance, I am out of time, and I am desperate to get any job.

Everyone around me is telling me how nobody can do shit about a crappy life, killing all my hopes and dreams just because they did not get there in their time and have given up themselves.

I am highly educated and got very little work experience in a field I don't want to be in. I am super unhappy because I am constantly poor, not because I spend too much but because I don't earn enough.

So there is this job offer I would like to apply to but they are asking for an estimated salary expectation. I have never worked in that sector and am afraid of asking for too much or too little and nobody can give me real advice. It's listed as "assistant customer consultant" at a language school, but it reads like "receptionist" or "secretary" and "do all the crappy work" assistant.

What I'd appreciate hearing are some encouraging words that will give me hope and not feel disappointed if I don't land that job and encourage me to just go on looking for another job if this one ain't paying worth shit. Words giving me perspective, not a tunnel view. Thank you for being nice and understanding.

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  • like george carlin said

    point to the picture on his desk and say 'WHOS THE CUNT!?'

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  • Do what ya gotta do... back when I first got my licence I bought a trailer for real cheap. Fixed it up, painted it and went around mowing lawns and doing gardening. Started of with a used shit lawnmower then slowly got better equipment until I had all the shit needed. Still have that trailer, love it, Needs some rust scraped out an another paint job.

    If you do ask about a wage leave it until the end of the interview and try and slip it in with another question.

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  • If you want to check salary ranges at your target company or similar companies you should look at

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  • Theres a national shortage of truck drivers right now. UPS pays 38 an hour to drivers and they train you. I would find a trucking company that would train me and then switch to UPS if UPS wont train you. You can make a shit ton of money driving and you can use that to start a business.

    UPS also has milage runs where you are paid .79cents a mile and they give you a truck. Theres UPS drivers making 3,500+ a week and even more. You probably wouldnt even have to move. Walmart is great too for drivers. I think they pay atleast 38 an hour also.

    Driving is so easy dude

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  • You should tell them that if you are going to accept their shit job, with a shitty made up title, they better pay you a shit load of money and only expect you to come in when you feel like it.

    They will love your confidence and throw piles of money at you.

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  • Didn’t read most of that. But if you really love working then you just have to find a job.

    I was a waitress up north, worked 58 hours a week and had plenty of time to hang out with people. Loved it.

    There are many different jobs available, and part of money comes from work, the other part through saving and wise finacial decisions.

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