How to deal with a bad boss in the field of architecture?

(Sorry about my bad grammar). Am an Architect living in Ethiopia. Its been 15 months since i started practing architecture. I got into my current firm after a long, tiresome and sometimes hopless search for a job. It took me 8 months to find my current job. Architecture jobs in general are hard to find here in Ethiopia. The first few months in this firm were good.. i was exposed to a variety of projects and work loads were minimal. Me and my boss used to get along very well. But as time passed by my boss has become a pain in the ass. He constantly try to manupulate my designs into his ways.. he yells at me if i try to defend my ideas.. (I've seen his own projects.. they're mostly non aesthetical, copied from the internet or are not constructed due to many design related issues).. as a result i try to defend my ideas when i present it to him but he usually sketches on them and manupulates them into an ugly, non functional designs. I get mad but try not to show off. The work load is so heavy on my side while my colique just watch youtube all day. when a new design comes my boss calls me and assigns me to do it..he usually ignores my colique. why is that???.. i soooo want to quit this job but like i said architecture job are hard to find here so i rather quit this job once i get ahold of another job. Or should i just quit?

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  • I’d say hold on to the job until you can secure a better one. It may be a bumpy part of your day but it brings in a paycheck.

    It sucks when something you’re passionate about turns into a tiresome chore, but you may just have to take the beating for a while and do whatever makes your boss happy until you can leave.

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  • Design a building to collapse on him

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  • Frag him. Say a beam collapsed

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