How to break up with live in boyfriend

How does one break up with thete boyfriend when they live with them? Its a one bed apartment and I never bothered to put my name on the lease and I mean how do I break it gently without uh causing problems? I've never been in a relastionship befo re so im stressed out about it

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  • When he's at work, throw all your belongings into trash bags and haul ass outa there.

    It's the honorable way to do it.

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  • Well, if you are not on the lease just pack your stuff, and move out of there. If you are concerned about violence move out when he is gone.

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  • Hi there, I have been in this situation before. Depending on how long you've been together will be a big factor. If you feel unsafe by telling him, have a male friend with you when you do move out. Have where you are going to live set up before you tell him so you can leave the same day/night.

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  • Yea just leave. ya gonna have to anyway. Just leave a note on the fridge

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