How to be rich today

People think by having a job they're making more money, it turns out they're just making a $100 American dollar pay check, yes, you should keep your job, and along with your job, after paying taxes and expenses there's one simple thing you can do and it worked with Scrooge on "A Christmas Carol": just save your money and be miserly, keep the spending to a tiny minimum, only to buy food and cleaning items, stop driving your car or taking a coach or taxi, just take the bus, you'll save money and money on a ticket to go through the gate in a train station, instead just use a bus station, and get away with a free ride (have your bus pass ready), look after your fridge so as to not buy a new one, don't buy crap, just buy budget items you need that are sensible, not useless items, only do your $50 shopping every 2 or 3 months, interchange between two months, and three months, depending on how scarce you are.
Also put your money in a safe place, don't leave it just in your pocket, it could get lost, a safe or a wallet is where you put your money. Draw all the money out of the ATM so it doesn't lessen even when you spend it, it sounds contradictory but you should have as much money as you spend.
It really is as simple as saving money, after a short time, like in 3 years you'll be a multi-thousandaire, it's figured out with a calculator, don't travel very far or buy quality things until you have that money, that's how to be rich.

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