How the heck can this jewish grape juice cause me very strange situations?

I am not Jewish. I'm also not Christian, Muslim, or any other type of a person whose religion is Abrahamic.
Yes, there are more than 3 Abrahamic religions actually, but the ones outside these 3 are rather rare.

I think the Jewish grape juice tastes so good, but it's strange how after drinking that, strange things happen. Weird thoughts and rather eerie dreams. Some dejavus happen too.

I never thought that this Jewish grape juice would be any sort of magic potion. It says that it's Mevushal, which means that it's OK for Jews to drink the juice even if some pagan person has touched the bottle or something, but I never thought that Mevushal makes some food magical.

And no, there's no alcohol in this juice either, nor has anyone put any substance in it.

What the heck is happening? Even when I don't think about this, stuff still happens.

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