How strict is china when it comes to freedom of speech?

Just wondering about China and freedom of speech.

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  • I mean, they got mad at John Cena for saying something they considered out of line. If they act like that with foreigners, imagine living there.

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  • Didn't some fucker in China outlaw Winnie tha muthafuckin' Pooh, because people kept saying he looked like Winnie da Pooh?

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  • Idk but ive heard they often disappear if they speak out agaijst the CCP

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  • Your totally free to say whatever you want in China.

    The Police and certain other groups are totally free to arrest you, beat you, and even kill you if they don't like what you say. Most people who get a bit outspoken spend time in jail, and a number of them just disappear, and are never heard from again.

    I guess it depends on how you define freedom of speech.

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  • ive run against cops in the states for various stupid shit who would judge me on factors such as politeness and assskissin skills over actual law violations

    make enough shit illegal and everyones breakin the law

    then its just up to the enforcer to decide

    you could run into a crackdown or a lone jackass in any locale though

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