How should i help my friend who has depression?

My friend was abused by her father when she were young. At one point, her father remarried and became more focus on his new marriage. Her father took everything from her stating that his new daughter need it more. She also has a brother that was depressed and he had gone to therapy. Her mother didnt allow her to go to therapy as she did not display any signs. (Her brother didnt bathe/ eat/ etc). She is also aneroxic. She had just broken up with her boyfriend because she was afraid of hurting him more. Therefore, what should I do to ease the pain?

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  • There is nothing you can do. Sure, maybe if you let her vent then it might bring comfort to her, but only temporarily. It will not fix her issues. The only thing that you could do to help her is if you were to fix her problems, which you can't.

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  • I think if the statute of limitations hasn't run out that it would be wonderful if your friend were able to press charges. I'm sure that bastard went on to

    Regardless I think your friend ought to go to therapy, and maybe check out some ACOA meetings. ACOA is Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families.

    Is there any history of substance abuse with your friend's parents?

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  • Be there for her. If she needs to rant let her. If she needs someone to hold her while she cries, be there. You can't exactly help her change but it will make it more bearable for sure. Try to get her help asap, but if u can't do it, don't beat yourself up bc of it. Your health is important too, so take care pls

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  • It’s very difficult to help someone like that if you’re not a professional. About the best thing you can do is listen to her. Let her vent her anger and fears without judgment.

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