How's this for sanity?

I'm sane and everybody believes me, I'm a genius and nobody thinks I'm crazy, I'm normal and I have more confidence and nobody's jealous, it's a perfect life right now without cheap arse shit in the guise of perfection. Some people are like that but that's not the reality, the reality is I'm all these things but there IS cheap arse shit in the guise of perfection, it's very average and humiliating, people are jealous of me, I don't have that much confidence, I'm sane and uncommon and a genius and nobody believes me, I'm disorder-free and don't need meds, I'm perfect at that and nobody believes me, I'm relaxed, calm and chilled out because my religion said so and nobody believes me. Every impossible act I made I succeeded at it without failure and nobody believes me. It's actually a cheap life in the presence of other people and even animals who don't know what perfectionism is. And if you say I'm not perfect, I understand completely, explaining my optimal being to you is a complete waste of time, why do you think I have such great posts? No one who's not perfect is great. I understand you're going to put me down, I'm waiting for one perfectionist in the comments section below so when you're not a perfectionist I can ignore you, have a nice day!

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