How normal is he

My brother and his wife was fighting.
When their 8 year old child said, "Don't worry, you will work this out" and smiled.

My nephew explained to me.
"I feel bad whenever my parents is fighting
And i will feel even worse if my parents gets divorced

But no matter what i feel, i must be able to think and find a way to make my parents stop fighting
It is impossible for parents to fight when their child talks to them and smiles."

How normal is he?

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  • He's actually a pretty bright kid. He knows the parents triggers (if I smile and try and calm them down, they'll top), which is pretty impressive for a child that young.

    Hope the best for your nephew and his family.

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  • An old soul in a young body?

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  • What an amazing child and more mature than his parents by the sound of it! It's a pity he has to take responsibility to point out the obvious to them.

    A lot of kids are incredibly astute: my 8 year old grand daughter told her father, who's scared of spiders: "You need to learn to face your fears Daddy". Apparently he wasn't impressed but I was when she told me about it!

    Years ago the 3 year old daughter of a friend of mine used to sing that "Don't worry, be happy" song to her whenever she was depressed, with quite startling results

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