How much melatonin does it take?

1mg, 3mg, 20mg? I bounce all around the dosage. Sometimes 3mg to fall asleep or 20mg X 2. How do I know what it will take?

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  • Depends on what you need personally. Talk to your doctor.

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  • #Lloydasherisasickfuck

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  • Takes 5mg-10mg to put me down. If I need to go to sleep I dont double, I go by 5 mg increments.

    Anything that can dissolve in my mouth. Pills dont kick in as fast as the chewable.

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  • Try making sure you're not doing anything to disrupt your bodies natural production of melatonin. Staring at screens right before bed or not keeping a consistent sleep schedule can disrupt your sleep cycle and make it harder to fall asleep.

    You should also try making it a point to leave your bedroom as a space dedicated specifically for sleeping and only spend time there when you're ready to sleep. By doing this your brain automatically knows its time to sleep when you get in your bed. This along with keeping a consistent schedule have done wonders for my sleep personally.

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  • Your brain is supposed to make it for you. It could have nothing to do with why you can’t sleep. Never did a thing for me.

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  • I usually take 5mg

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