How much is periods pain ?

Periods, whats the closest pain you can compare it to?
Is is there a pain difference in different times,
how can a bf help her as a care

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  • Feels like someone ripped your abdominal cavity open, grabbed your internal organs in their hands and started squeezing them forcefully.

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    • & still smile and act like there is no pain, that is legendary[because i cant]

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  • Wow, I feel really sorry for women. As they also give birth to children. Respect.

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  • It's different each month for me and it's different for different people. I've had some extremely painful ones though when I could barely walk because the pain shoots down the legs. One evening I took 5-6 aspirins and it still didn't help fully, only left me tired and with temporary ringing in my ears... Been on the floor crying a few times while trying to find any position that doesn't feel like I have a bunch of mini sharks chewing up my insides.
    Luckily for me if it's extremely bad it's usually only during the first day of my period. I'd say best thing you can do to support her if she has really bad cramps is bring her aspirin and maybe chocolate or something since cravings are a common side effect of periods, maybe massage her lower back and let her rest.

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  • My pain feels like someone is clawing at my insides. It would be comparable to having a cramp from running/sprinting but a bit more painful and for a longer period. Hot water bottle will help her or a heating pad, naproxen works well for me and getting her all the snacks she needs ❤

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  • If someone were to stab you from the inside over and over again while rearranging your organs, that's what it feels like

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  • level of pain depends on each person. usually it's worst during the first couple days. she shouldn't need too much special treatment.

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