How much does weed cost in your local area?

In northern Ireland it's generally around £60-70 for a quarter ounce of decent smoke and in Liverpool it's usually £50. How much is it in your country/city and how easy is it to get good stuff?

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  • I don't.
    But since its legal its cheap.
    Put a lot into the state coffers.
    No big deal if I grew my own.
    Im offered from friends who grow it for a living.
    Pot just isnt my thing.
    Back in secondary school it was $5 per gram.
    $80 per oz.
    Prices are easier since its legal.
    But the stuff today is many times stronger.

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  • 3 hour drive and 40$ for a good time.

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  • That Liverpool price is pretty good man. When I used to smoke bud a Q cost about 50 quid, and that has got to be a good few years ago now.

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  • No idea

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  • I grow my own. But I have always been lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and just joined in the festivities for free. In my day, everyone shared.

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  • Cost of weed in Russia? 10-15 years behind bars.
    Cost of alcohol? 10-15 years off your lifespan.

    It ain’t right man

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  • There really is no Midgrade where I live. It’s $20 for a gram of chronic.

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  • $3 edibles, $4 pre-rolled or 2 for $7, $5 grams. According to one local joint...hehe.

    Also, they appear to be fond of dogs because they make it known that your well behaved pooch is welcome.

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    • Is it legal where you are? It's still fully illegal in here in Ireland. In smaller towns and rural areas, I've heard of people paying as much as £25 ($40) a gram. In my city, Derry, its like 1.5g for £20 unless you find a good reliable dealer who may do 2g or more for the same price.

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  • 5 dollars a gram for reg
    10-20 dollars for a gram of loud.

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  • My friend told me it's like 18-20 a gram

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  • Lol y'all overpay.

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  • 2.50 give a or take alot

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  • When I lived in Las Vegas, and smoking a lot of weed I would pay $35 to $40 for a quarter ounce of regular weed, and $60 to $70 for an eighth of chronic.

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  • IDK probably about $25 (aus) a gram. I don't smoke anymore but when I did it was $20 for 1 gram stick, $50 got you 3 grams, $80 got you about 7 grams.

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