How many treats do you give your dog after morning walk

they are the jerky treats. I give 2 in morning 1noon.

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  • The treat market in my house is hyperinflated
    I reward good yawns

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  • i don't give my dog treats after walks usually after doing some training and stuff i'll give him treats and i'll give him a treat after a bath bc he doesn't really like it that much so i'm trying to make it a positive experience for him. i usually give him jerky/air dried meat as a treat or sometimes raw chicken wings (raw chicken bones are okay because they are very soft, never give your dog cooked bones tho because they become very brittle and sharp)

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  • the dingo is out the door and off into the woods first thing in the mornin and comes in for breakfast around 9 or 10

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  • Dont give too many. Less is more.
    Btw this comment section really proves the point of something I overheard a person say the other day - Americans are horrible dog owners. No offence.

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  • I don't take my dog on walks. I take him to the dog park almost every day instead to run around and chase his ball for his exercise. But the problem is that he's a small dog so I keep him in the small dog section. Him being with big dogs makes me nervous.

    I give him these dental stick things that are kind of churro shaped and he absolutely loves them. He runs down the hall with it and pounces around and on it for a while before he eats it.

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