How many times of watching the office is normal?

Something about this show makes me feel normal and not lonely.

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  • watched an episode or two and it didnt really do it for me

    got forced to stay with some people i didnt really like years ago and got forced to watch it and they were laughin hysterically at shit that just wasnt funny so that sealed it for me

    not my thing

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  • I'm never not in the mood to watch the office. When I was in the Navy the USO always had it on. There was zero reason to change it.

    Now I dont watch it constantly... but if it was on a tv in a waiting room I would have zero complaints.

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  • William Eyelash (Billy Eilish it's from an interview with Rainn Wilson) has seen it like 20 times

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  • I like The Office US but its far from my favorite. I much prefer Parks and Recreation, it's got more to it than The Office. I've not seen the UK version though but I can imagine it's funny, I can almost see something like The Office working better with british humor but then again it is originally british. Love Steve Carell though. Him and Rainn Wilsons Dwight makes the entire show and I also loved Andy before they fucked him up in the last season. I also like the idea of Jim and Pams relationship and it's evolvement but i'm not a big fan of either character. Jim is a borderline bully and Pam is just really boring. I get that she's supposed to just be "normal" and very relatable which is another great idea but it could've been executed better. Overall it's a fun show, but I wouldn't watch it back to back more than twice at most.

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    • The English one is really good but it's very different. It is much closer to the mockumentary style, so much so that a lot of viewers outside of the the UK thought that it was a real documentary. The humour apparently comes across as very subtle to an American audience.

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  • I've never seen the US version, and watching fifteen minutes or so of the original British version was enough for me to know it's not my cup of tea. I really don't like cringe-humour, and I think Ricky Gervais is a dickhead.

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