How many sweet foods do you eat in a day?

How much sweets do you eat in a day? I've gained some muscle in a few places last year. I've put muscle on in my biceps, and all three triceps. It still has a small amount of jiggle though. My physical therapist says that my core and back are strong, yet I don't see a six pack. I've got a little jiggle there too. My lower body has no issues. I love sugary foods. Would cutting sugar out completely make me lose the tiny jiggles in my body?

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  • Between 0 and 1, but not little enough to vote "I don't like sweets". However, I do indulge occasionally (about every other month) and eat a bunch of sweets all at once.

    I agree with SkullsNRoses, don't worry about it. You could try upping your cardio and/or doing more exercise that targets your abs, but if it's already strong, there's no real reason to change what you're doing now. Ripped bods are not the same as healthy or strong bods.

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  • Disregarding added sugar in food, I dont really seek out sugary foods.

    As it turns out, cutting out sugar while not caring about fats have done wonders.

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  • I don't really eat sweets. I only eat it every now and then.

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  • Depends, I have no specific routine for how many sweet foods I eat in a day. If it's near christmas, then it's a lot, otherwise it's none, or maybe 1 or 2, depending on how much is available.

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  • I eat maybe one piece of sweet but that is on very special occasions

    I am not much of a sweets person

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  • I don't usually eat things with added sugar in them, but I like sweet things. I eat sugar-free pudding and it tastes like the same thing. I use artificial sweeteners in my coffee, which I actually prefer over sugar. Occasionally I eat ice cream with sugar in it, like a couple times a week max. Not a dude but I do have a flat stomach.
    Btw I don't think sugar is necessarily the problem. Sounds like you need to lose fat. If cutting out sweet stuff helps you do that, great! If it doesn't then know you might need to restrict calories by calorie counting.

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  • Men with 6 packs normally maintain them by being dehydrated and eating incredibly restrictive diets. It’s an unrealistic beauty standard.

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    • Not even natural, the best warriors of the iron and bronze age (arguably the best time where you had to be a peak physique) had guts too.

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