How does it feel to be a girl

Been wondering what it feels like to be a dressing like one putting on makeup even wearing bras and it has been bothering me to the point i brought it up to my baby sister so after a few days of talking with her she finally tells me brother become my sister....I told her no I'm not going to do that...she tell me stop it you know you want to be my sister or you wouldn't let it bother me so I gave in and did it...when I was done with my make over...I said wow I really do look like a sexy bitch....I was getting horny looking at that normal...?so I told my sister she wanted to see pictures so I sent them...she told me I looked beautiful then tells me to send other pictures...I was like huh...she said sexy ones like lingerie and wanted picture of me doing slutty poses in bra and why would she want pictures like that of me ?? So I did and she told me I was sexy and like seeing me like that and wanted pictures of me like that that okay

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  • Lol

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  • Future blackmail. Ask for nudes of her in exchange.

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  • Too much schizophrenia in this post.

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  • Do what makes you happy, if you and your sister are both consenting adults then just carry on with it

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  • When I finally told my sister that I am a crossdresser she told me if I wanted to try some of her things to see what I liked or didnt like, she would tell me she wanted to see what I was wearing and how it fit, and if i liked it or not. She was at that time the only one i could talk to about it. She was a big part of me being able to be ok with myself as a crossdresser.
    People for the most part seem to fear what they dont understand or know about. Many dont care, and many dont care to know. They would rather stick their head in the sand and plug their ears. They dont want to know the reality of what is going on in society.
    I would say that if this is really a true story, then I'm betting you are going to be asking your sister to help you buy your own womens clothing g and lingerie stuff.
    I'm also thinking the story and the truth didnt quite happen as you said. I thinking you more asked your sister to help you because you wanted to know how it feels to wear a bra. Well you didnt mention ages but I'm assuming you are both young adults living on your own. So you have the place and the time to try on all sorts of lingerie and female attire. There is nothing at all wrong with doing that. Just realize that you need to really be aware of your surroundings or someday you will leave a curtain or blinds open and somebody will "accidently" see you in your house dressed as female. As for sending pictures to your sister, maybe she has a few female friends that are into guys in a skirt or pantyhose and she wants to help set you up on a date ? Who knows. Anyway if you continue to crossdress there is plenty of resources to find tips and help other than what you can get from your sister.
    I have been crossdressing almost 45 years and I still keep it private. Theres no way I would ever pass as female. Otherwise good luck and enjoy that side of yourself.

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  • yo u might be trans dawg, you aint gonna look pretty

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  • You have to deal with a lot of freaks and pervs all the time, like you for example.

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  • I doubt any of us really knows what it feels like to be someone else regardless of gender. Humans are extremely complex, we all think and feel different things, that is obvious from the amount of diversity in the human race. I am a woman and I know what it feels like to be me, but I have no idea what it feels like to be another woman or a man. How could I if I am not that person. Having said that I suspect this post is more about you wanting to run around in a bra and sexy knickers, wearing heels and a short skirt. But you should understand there is far more than that to being a woman!

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  • - It's normal to wonder what it would be like to be a girl.

    - It's also okay to enjoy wearing the clothes that you are comfortable in (personally I would think it as weird, but I would not send judgment your way. It's your life).

    - Sending sexy pictures of yourself to a sibling is where I draw the line. (I mean I don't think I will ever send sexy pictures of myself to anyone, but that's me).

    - this is not normal, and potentially dangerous for a number of reasons.

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