How do you handle an itchy butt in bed

You wake up in the middle of the night with an extremely itchy butthole, how do you deal with it?

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  • You got pinworms.

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  • Why is wiping it listed? Do you constantly have shit caked in your ass? Eat more fiber and drink more water.

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  • It all depends on if its a one time itch or not, and where it is (The Butt being a rather large area).

    Normal 1 time itches in most of the butt I just scratch through underwear (or directly if I am changing clothing or bathing).

    If its a reoccurring itch on most of the butt I will clean and inspect the area with a set of mirrors to see if I can see anything (or ask my wife). Sometimes I apply some kind of lotion depending on what is seen. Once I headed to the Dr based on what was seen - and the Dr sent me to a surgeon - and after a MRI I had surgery and long term treatment for an Anal Fistula (not fun at all).

    If its the anus area cleaning usually eliminates the itch, sometimes I apply an ointment or lotion to eliminates the itch after cleaning.

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  • If your booty is that itchy dude you might want to be more careful when you're wiping your shit. I recommend getting wet wipes, does the job way better than any regular toilet paper. Or you could always take a shower, paying extra attention to the poop flaps as to avoid having persistent asshole itch.

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