How do i get my mom to let me do things on my own?

I'm 19 years old. My mother doesn't let me get a job or go outside on my own. It's been like this for about a year and a half now and it's driving me mad. If I try to go anywhere on my own, she follows me, and refuses to go away. If I ask her if I can get a job, she says no. Today I tried to go on a bike ride, and she stood in front of me with the front wheel in-between her legs so I couldn't go forward, all because she didn't want to ride and she wanted to come with me. How do I stop this? I'm getting desperate. I've started to lash out at her over it and I want it to stop. I try to sneak out when she's not around but she rarely leaves the house. My parents are divorced so I live alone with my mom.

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  • Run away from her crazy ass!

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  • I think your fate is in the hands of Fortune, and you're being punished by the goddess of fortune, and disastrous things will happen all your life and in the morning before you wake up, you should do a pre-meditation, you should meditate on all the disastrous things that can happen today.

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  • let her do me ;)

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  • At 19 you’re a legal adult so just literally do whatever you want. Your mom can kick you out of the house but she can’t prevent you from leaving it. If she’s totally insane like bars on the windows and keeping you hostage at gunpoint then you need to call the police.

    If you go to work somewhere and she follows you they’ll also call the cops or ask her to leave.

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