How do i deal with teachers who don’t care about mental health

Hi everyone I need some help. I’m in a level 6 in college and struggling. The teachers are very strict and this one teacher in particular is constantly having a go at me.
I suffer with BPD so my moods are constantly changing.
I’m self harming and finding myself self harming in the toilets in college.
The teacher seen my cuts and started talking to another student when I was in another room getting my coat. I had my headphones on so I think she thought i couldn’t hear her but I could.
She said to this student cutting and started laughing (I know sick right)
Today I was in the toilet crying my eyes out self harming.
The two teachers were standing outside the toilet talking to one another while I was clearly suffering badly with my mental health.
They both continued their conversation and when they saw me said nothing.
Felt awful that teachers don’t seem to care about mental health and one of them slags self harm cuts!?
I don’t know what to do.
She then tapped me on the shoulder as I had headphones on and it was time to leave in a rude manner saying it’s time to go that everyone wants to go.
She was very angry at me
Anyone know why she was so cross and why she is always at me.
I’m also having and dealing with serious family issues too
Knowing I have to go into the college with the way the teachers go on makes me feel sick to my stomach and I have to finish the year.

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  • Not trying to kick you while youre down but in the "real world" no one cares about your mental health. Its a cruel world. Don't expect anyone to go out of their way to give you a handout or a hand up. Life is what you make it and only you can bring yourself up.

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  • Hate to break it to you, but nobody is really obligated to care. You can't really expect them to care anyways. They're just there to do their jobs. It's like expecting a cashier to actually care how your day is going.

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  • I think all of this is disgraceful, the teacher always having a go at you, no way, this isn't normal. And I think the teachers have a problem, they couldn't care less.

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  • The teachers by law, depending on location may be required to report self harm issues if known or made aware of them.

    The fact you posted this means you are aware, you have a problem, it's not somebody else's responsibility to baby your ass and treat you any different than any other student. Welcome to the real world. Most likely they don't want to know about it unless it's thrown in their face. It may save your life but, will create a month or two worth of paperwork and probably cause other students to lose trust in the teachers, if they report you. They are really in a no win situation. Report yourself take the responsibility, don't put it on them.

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  • The way they gossip about you and laugh is unprofessional behavior from teacher. Yes caring about your mental health might not be part of their job description. But neither is spreading rumors about you. You can actually report this to the faculty head. Because the way they talk about you is not normal and has nothing to do with class and is creating a hostile learning environment for everyone. Also speak to your student union. Your student organization. They can help you and give you more specific guidance. There's typically other students there who know how your system works and they can help you stand up for your rights if they are violated. Maybe first go to the student union and ask there. Maybe you're not the only one who gets picked on by this teacher. Together you have a stronger case.

    What else can you do? Take a different class. Switch to a different group so you won't get this teacher. If attendance is not mandatory, then don't go. If you can still pass the course by only doing the exam, do so.

    Also work on your relationships outside school. Talk about it with a friend. That will make it easier to deal with annoying people in your school.

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  • You should seriously consider bringing in outside help - your school should have counselors who can help, as well as higher level administrators who would be interested in hearing about the sort of misconduct you're experiencing. Some people get a tiny bit of power and it goes to their head, and become petty tyrants - don't let them victimize you. Speak up.

    AND - to be 100% blunt: it's only school. I know it seems terribly important - but it's not. Sometimes you get involved in work or school and it seems to consume your life - but it's not that important. Don't give it power over you. It's not worth it.

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  • Teachers have a duty of care in the UK but not in other countries. If they don't have a duty of care, it is not their job to see to your wellbeing. Even if they do have a duty of care, it is never their job to 'help' you to feel okay or to be a caring friend or mother/father figure to you. I understand this might be hard to hear.

    A good teacher will always be concerned that you're okay, irrespective of their jurisdiction, but they will not intervene or seek to increase emotional intimacy in their relationship with you. At most, they will notify someone else. They would never be disrespectful towards you or anyone else for any reason - and especially not over something so sensitive and complex as auto-mutilation. However, it is not their job to try to help you get better. There are people whose job it could be, but it is not that person's.

    Also, if the school rules say 'no headphones in class' and you have your headphones on in class (especially in your teacher's class), you cannot expect your teacher to be happy that you broke the rules.

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    • For the teachers that are nice it's like a bonus. Doctors dont really have to care about your own personal wellbeing outside of the care they give. It's nice but most treat it as a job.

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  • Not really anyone's problem besides your own. You are bipolar, big whoop, it's up to yourself to medicate.

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  • 1922 called and said they were cross about you usin the term cross to describe bein angry

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