How can you tell your m/d you are preg the most positive way n bf?

My sister is 16 and pregnant she only told me. She actually got pregnany by another guy while she is in a relationship. I knew this was comin because when she was messing with him she was actin freaky. Well her bf knew something was up between them...anyway can you help by commentin how to tell them she is pregnant?

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  • That's her problem. She shouldn't have been cheating.

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  • It's hard to see how a sixteen year-old girl can put a positive spin on her being pregnant.

    "Mom, Dad, I've got some good news! You won't have to buy me tampons for a while, and you can stop worrying about my boyfriend getting me pregnant!"

    Seriously, there is no positive way to tell parents this news. Their daughter - who's still just a child - is about to bring yet another child into the family.

    If they have any sense, your parents will understand far better than you or your sister that her idiocy has considerably narrowed her options in life. There are some things you only fully understand once you become a parent, and their immediate reaction may well be that she has ruined her life. In fact, young, single mothers can go on to achieve a lot and have fulfilling lives, but only if they have a lot of emotional, financial and practical support, and that usually comes from their family.

    However she tells them - and this is something she needs to do, not you - she needs to talk to them soon.

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  • what the shit i cant even understand half the words youre saying

    does she have starch masks?

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  • Be open and honest. Sit down and say it as it is

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  • I dunno, maybe she should just blurt it out, and let the chips fall where they may?

    On the other hand, and more importantly I feel sorry for her boyfriend. I hope she tells him, because he really deserves to know the truth. I also hope he leaves her cheatin ass. The way I see it t he dodged a bullet! He should leave her, move on with his life and always use condoms!

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  • Flush that turd down the drain!

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