How can i style my leather skirt for a casual day out with friends?

What tops and accessories I can wear with a skirt?

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  • All depends on what you do on your casual day out.

    My first answer for your leather skirt on a casual day out is leave it in the closet. Now, a casual night out is a different story.

    A casual day for me, includes activities that I would rather have shorts or pants on, not a skirt.

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  • If it were me wearing the skirt a spiked choker, tank top, pyramid studded belt, wrist bands, wallet chain, striped stockings, and boots would be good. XD

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  • I got to know that not to overdo anything! Keep things simple and classy by sticking to minimalistic style as less is often more when it comes to dressing up casually.

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  • My fashion sense has stayed the same since 2005. XD

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  • What color is it, how long is it? Very hard to answer.
    Personally I wear leggings or pantyhose with a skirt, black or brown.
    As for shirt, it depends. If it's cold wear a cute slightly oversized sweatshirt that matches the skirt in color, if it's warm wear a thin long sleeve shirt that ends where the skirt begins so there is no awkward lumpy overlapping, unless it's a skirt that tucking a shirt inside of would look good. A small, simple necklace. Done.

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  • Hmm, depends. What's the color of the skirt? What's your hair color?

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