How can i make a few extra hundred dollars a month?

My work is suddenly deeply interested in my hours, after moving into an apartment and buying a car, and I'm finding myself in need of increasing my income, yet again after finally thinking I had enough to support myself

Does anyone know a way to earn a few extra hundred dollars? I work 55-60 hours, so another job probably won't work, unless it's like one day a week, which may be possible I guess since I am considering to offer working my day off at another store, but I dunno

I'm also considering asking for a promotion I feel is deserved, I've been doing GM work as a baseline manager since March or April with only two days of training. First time I asked about that I was told I'd make less in salary than I do hourly, but I don't see why I couldn't be salaried for 55-60 hours (typical GMs are salaried at 50, but they work delivery stores with like 30 other people, I'm working a carryout store with now 4 high schoolers)

I really like where I work and everything about it, but missing out on these hours is financially crippling, like going back to being homeless with an eviction record if I can't pay for everything

I remember people talking about buying and selling bitcoins for a profit, I'm not sure how that works exactly but I can definitely spend a few hundred dollars on bitcoins if they can be sold same day?

Or buying other things and selling them, I just don't want to be dependent on like eBay or Amazon and waiting for people to buy from me

I don't really want to do uber or anything like that, I don't want to put my car under any extra stress than it needs to be, I want to keep it running for as long as possible

Alternatively, I would consider an online job, but I would need a computer which I don't have (all I have is a cell phone) so setting up for that plus waiting for a paycheck might be detrimental

I don't know what else, any advice?

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  • Grow weed, sell the weed

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  • Consider selling stock photography. You'll need to make an initial investment in gear and have a good eye, but once you're uploading quality stuff on a regular basis it's basically passive income made off your growing portfolio. And you can have a side job taking photo gigs.

    I use a computer myself but you could get by editing your photos on a phone.

    There are sites like Twenty20 that are very lenient when it comes to photo quality. Their site is actually geared toward phone snaps as they go for a natural, authentic feel. Shutterstock and the like are a lot stricter but provide the best exposure for your work.

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  • Well this might sound rather mundane but you know what your income is each month. Make a budget and live within those means. If that means not having a new car or a big apartment, but what fits your needs and your budget. If you have trouble managing your own life and personal finances, how can you promote your management abilities to your boss and have them believe that you can manage a business which is far more complicated? You might want to consider becoming something like a weekend hooker in Las Vegas. You would be surprised how many out of town house wives go to Las Vegas for a "girls weekend out" and go there just to be a hooker for the weekend. You could make a couple of grand doing that.

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    • I might be able to forgive your passive aggressive attitude, you don't know me after all

      I've been working with my hours without concern from anyone, running the store by myself with minimal staff

      It wasn't until *after* I bought a car signed a lease did they say *anything* about my hours, which if you're half the intellect your brusque tone would like to imply you would understand that means I did manage my money well, I wouldn't be wondering about my debt to income ratio at all if the status quo was maintained

      I also suspect you are either ignorant on how buying a car or leasing an apartment works if you think I can just "not have them" after agreeing to pay for them, or you're so in love with your perceived intelligence that you think you're oh so clever for saying that

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      • I have been in worse financial situations than you. And even after loosing a condo and other items, I was still able to live within my means and learn how to budget my income. Since that time I have owned several houses and plenty of toys. I also owe no one anything and have plenty of money in the bank. But you say that you can't afford your apartment and your new car but you want to go out and buy bitcoin with money that you don't have. See the problem here? When you keep doing the same thing the same way, expect the same outcome. By the way, I could care less if you forgive my passive regressive attitude or not. Furthermore, you might actually do better being a weekend hooker than trying to buy and sell bitcoin.

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        • If I'm asking advice on how to do it, and specify I never sold bitcoin before, how can you actually feel proud about your "argument" defining insanity and attributing it to my problems and how they're handled?

          So the idea behind me doing bitcoin is that I spend 500 let's say, and then I get 700, and then I can spend 700 and earn 1,000

          Woah, that's 500 dollars I got for just moving money!

          Does this concept escape you?

          Assuming you've been through worse times is a presupposition you've formed based on your opinion, not fact or educated guess, and your remark about being a hooker is a good example of Ad Hominem, a logical fallacy, which tells me you must be a pretty small man to use it and still pretend to be my equal or dare you even say superior in conversation

          Pack your bags, go home, get off my post

          You need another decade to even come close to me

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          • Whatever. See you next Tuesday.

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            • One last little taunt, except now I've taken the last word from you when it's justified since you're the aggressor, to continue would only further prove your intellectual inferiority and to ignore it will tear you up inside

              C U Next Tuesday, cunt

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  • Escort service once a week, if your half decent looking, can hold a conversation, and know how to dress and act. You end up going to some really nice places to eat and nice entertainment. Places you probably can't afford, and there is a need for male and female. If you do more than just being a companion that's up to you.

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  • TaskRabbit maybe? Do random stuff for people and get paid for it?

    Shoplift and hustle merchandise from the trunk of your car.

    Give hand jobs behind the dumpster.

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    • People freak me out and that's probably not the best

      I just read a story about a woman busted for stealing like 2.3 MILLION DOLLARS worth of merchandise SHE SOLD on eBay

      I would find that degrading

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  • When I was young I worked in a hotel as a receptionist, I lived in a staff chalet so that was considered part of my pay so no rent book or anything. The hotel went bust and shut down leaving me homeless and jobless. The only job I could get was topless waitressing in a horrible seedy bar full of pervy guys trying to grab my arse or tits every 5 minutes. It took all my strength to even go to work and I felt dirty and ashamed of what I had been reduced to. Eventually I quit after a particularly bad shift, one of the other girls suggested pole dancing. That was a new thing here in England but a new club had opened nearby. I was so reluctant I hated that the only way I could make money was taking my clothes off to be ogled by pervy blokes. I resisted for about 6 weeks but eventually felt so desperate I went for an audition there. It was terrible and I was crap but I was also desperate. I begged for them to let me work there, luckily I had a good figure and the woman in charge of the dancers saw something in me. She helped me and taught me and organised another audition for me a couple of weeks later. I started dancing there the next night and over the next few years made a small fortune. I invested in property, I bought a small flat to live in but ended up renting it out and bought a nicer place for myself. Over the next few years I continued to make money from dancing and renting property. I built up my portfolio of property and gave up the pole dancing. I now live very comfortably on my rental incomes. The moral of the story is don’t be afraid to take your clothes off if that’s what it takes to make money. My very first shift as a topless waitress terrified me. I was embarrassed as hell and cried before during and after my shift. Makeup and the low lighting were the only things that stopped me looking as red as a beetroot. But it was the first step on my road to success and despite all I went through I would highly recommend it to anyone with a vagina and a half decent body.

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  • Depilate your whole body and get a dildo. Sign up on chaturbate or any site like that and turn on your camera.

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  • work the curve...

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  • Take part in a scam, maybe?

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  • Please investigate selling plasma. You can easily make the money you are looking for if you qualify.

    Do some research on the different plasma companies. Some have better reputations and nicer facilities than others; and its all local companies (even if a national chain is on the name), so one company may have great facilities and pay better in one city, and be the pits in the next city.

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    • That would be interesting, although I remember in high school donating blood and they said they "don't need" plasma from type A+, but that might have been for my age

      If I'm reading this right, I'll call and get more info, I'll get 50 dollars each donation and I can donate twice a week

      If I can keep that up indefinitely, that's 400 a month

      That's also a lot less effort and risk than buying/selling bitcoins

      Do you think it's possible for someone to donate plasma twice a week over a prolonged period?

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      • My wife worked for several years for the blood transfusion service in The Netherlands.

        She says that A+ plasma isn't universal donor (that's apparently AB+), but a lot of people can accept A+ plasma, so it is in demand.

        She also says that people of special interest to the blood-bank she worked for were plasma-donors who had been vaccinated for various illnesses or recovered from them, and so had high levels of antibodies for the disease in their plasma. I have no idea how this works in the States.

        When I mentioned this topic to her, she rolled her eyes and shuddered. The Netherlands is one of several countries which bans the import of human blood products from the USA because of the for-profit basis of the industry there. There's an obvious conflict of interest between companies ensuring that their product is from healthy donors and their drive to maximise profit by maximising production.

        Obviously, the onus is on the company which takes your blood or plasma to ensure that it's safe to give others, but I would hope that you're certain you're HIV negative and aren't a carrier of any other blood-borne disease.

        As for how long you can continue allowing your plasma to be taken regularly, I suggest you have a look at the below page. While companies may be willing to take your plasma much more frequently than would be allowed under the best-practice policies of the American Red Cross, it's pretty obvious that the firms are focused much more on profit and throughput than they are on the health of the people who are selling their plasma to them.

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        • I checked out that site, Red Cross recommends one donation every 28 days but I can donate twice a week

          I forget if it was you or someone else, but the whole "vending bitcoins necessitates extra work on taxes" thing kinda puts the nail in the coffin on that idea

          I'd have to work at least 15 hours just to get slightly more than what I would make donating plasma, which is only like thirty minutes per session

          I know I'm HIV free and everything. I know I've hinted at varying sexualities and admitted to being homeless, but I've never had sex with a man or done intravenous drugs, plus I just had blood work done and every other time I've donated they send a sample to be tested

          So, I'm thinking about going with the donation plan, I might only have to do it for a couple months (advance for car down payment will be paid off at the end of the year)

          I feel confident in my overall physical capacity, but I'm always keen on advice; would your wife have any nutritional recommendations to stay healthy/nourished? Or maybe vitamins or something?

          I'm on my legs for roughly ten hours a night, I definitely see it as a possibility getting light headed or something

          I'm guessing I should drink less coffee and more water? I generally get good protein and try to mix in veggies

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      • I'm not sure of the guidelines; but, if the plasma collection companies are telling you that - then its OK.

        I've suggested this to many people who were tight on money; and they all did well if they medically qualified.

        Occasionally they had minor illnesses (as does everyone) and may have to skip a week here or there. But, its reportedly generally steady money.

        I'd say go for it.... Live is to be lived...

        Please let me know how it goes,

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  • Vending bitcoin on paxful. Thats what I do. Ill sell btc for +55% and people wanting anonymous bitcoin will buy it to do whatever they do.

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    • I watched a video

      I'm checking the site out, am I looking at the wrong thing here? It's saying "I will receive" and I typed in 500 and pay 575 ish in bit coin

      That's selling bitcoin for my currency? That's a 75 dollar loss on my part

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      • I only usd paxful to sell. I use coinbase to buy and then I send it to paxful to sell. You can buy 500 dollars worth of btc on coinbase for 508 then you can go sell on paxful.

        If you sell something like amazon gift cards you can make about 275 off of a 500 dollar transaction (if your markup is $1.55 on $1.00). The only downside to this is you need a $1200 dollar security deposit to sell with gift cards. But its always your money you can pull it out.

        If you dont have that much money you can start fooling around with bank transfers and it will teach you how it works.

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    • Consider me naive to a fault, and explain the process

      My first concerns would be safety (I don't want to be cyber attacked or whatever, or my identity stolen, or my bank account hacked, or generally anything negative), feasibility (can I do it from my phone?), timeline from buying to selling (like steps 1 through whatever and how long it takes to make a sale), rates/percentages

      Is there like a video or contract or anything?

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      • Your concerns are valid. There are ways to protect your identity and computers/phones. But, in the end your profits have to be transferred to you in a traceable way.

        Note also that if you do this you setting up a business; and will be expected in most countries in the world to have appropriate business records and file appropriate tax and other reporting forms.

        I'm not saying don't set up a business like this. Just be sure you know and understand up front what kind of records and paperwork is required to be legal. The overwhelming majority of business startups fail because most people are not aware of these things combined with lack of planning and lack of capital to make their business work.

        I wish you the best with this...

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      • Please be aware that if you are a USA Resident that you have to report at least general information about bit coin usage and I believe transactions too on your taxes (this may move you from a Schedule EZ to a full 1040 with extra schedules; and you may end up with a paid accountant doing your taxes (and business records too).

        My wife has a bank account in her native land as she holds property and other business assets there. It's amazing how much that complicates our taxes, and the accounts are so small that they don't require other reporting to other agencies.

        I'd also be very sure that you are doing this very legally. A lot of people make money by being a bit shady, until they are caught.

        I wish you the best,

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      • I sent you a video.

        Its not very easy to start out. Bank transfers are the safest but make you the least. You could easily make 100 a week very quickly. Id start out at +15%. Your best bet there is to go to a random bank and open up a two new checking accounts with that random bank. One for receiving the money transfer and then you transfer it into the second checking account so they can not try to cancel transfer. If its just a bs bank account that doesnt have your savings in there idk what they could even do.
        The biggest thing you wanna look out for here is someone saying they sent the transfer and then you release the BTC and they cancel the transaction. If you wait until your online bank account tells you its done pending and only then release BTC to them. And then transfer the money received into the 2nd checking account so they cant take it out. The account I use for receiving BTC never has money left in it its simply for taking money then transfering to the other account which I immediately use to buy more BTC on coinbase then transfer BTC to paxful and repeat.

        Gift cards is by far the best paying thing to do. You have to put up a 1200 dollar security deposit tho. Which some cant afford. Its always there to take out if you need to. If you do gift cards amazon is the easiest because once you enter the gift card number they give you on it immediately transfers the funds of the card onto your amazon account. You want to make sure they send you a receipt that shows the same card number and they need to pay in cash so they cant possibly try to dispute with their bank. After that you buy another giftcard on and send it to where they will take 19% of your profit but pay you back immediately with BTC. So you are starting out with a 55% profit then you go down to 36% profit. The math is hard to understand but if they do a transaction for $100 in BTC they actually only receive $64. Then after ipayyou cut you end up making 17 dollars for every 100 dollar transaction. Its really hard to explain. But you can constantly do these transactions people will blow you up. So if you do a couple a day youre making decent. You should watch the video I sent you. You also have to worry about amazon shutting down your account. Theres ways around it start slow. Then do more over time. Make sure you have a debit card saved on having prime helps

        I really tried my best to explain it. There are risked involved I lost money getting started because I did stupid stuff. So its good to atleast have a decent income to bite it if you must.

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