How am i hurting myself? masturbation

I feel like masturbation has taken control of my life. I can not make up my mind, what to do?

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  • There are 12 step programs for this problem

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  • Stop watching porn is step one.

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  • Stop watching porno and get some hobbies to burn off that energy in constructive ways. I know this from experience.

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  • Just stop jacking it then.
    If this is about that NoFap mentality, they really overestimate how difficult it is. Maybe you're just in your teens, in which case it's normal to want to jerk it all day due to hormones. It gets better when you grow older and less horny.

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  • Lower your gaze.
    Refrain yourself from getting aroused.

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  • You're probably a raging sex addict.

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  • What porn you watching starts on
    Big coxk 18 girl
    Then mom and son etc if your on that family stuff you need to do it to get over it

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  • I used to masturbate alot everyday in my room I was getting skinny because I didn't eat I finally had enough of it I noticed it was ruining my life so I got angry because I was missing out on alot of things so I found the strength to turn something off and I started lifting weights and that became my new love I got a job and started buying more weights and logs and now I workout out and eat that's my new life now I managed to gain self confidence and more friends. If you want to stop bad enough you will if not then you will continue to do it. Just like drinkers their spouse and their sons or daughters can beg them, cry, fight, they can get in trouble with the law all that will not change them there's only one thing that makes people change and that is them wanting to change for the better. That's why it's a good idea not to even start doing something you know is bad.

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  • Pour sulfuric acid on your dick.

    Problem solved.👍

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  • Trauma can stop u from doing it

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  • Use chilli lube.

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  • Your dick would hurt if you continue to jerking the gherkin a lot.

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  • Masturbation is totally normal and most people masturbate for life.

    It is true that many people go through an initial phase once they start of wanting to do it a lot, especially if they don't have an actual sex partner who knows how to sexually please and satisfy them (once past the initial starting sex with someone - where some people are really horny for the other and masturbate multiple times a day thinking about the other).

    It's normal to go through that period. It usually deceases after a while (which might be a year or two).

    Unless this has gone on for years... it's likely just a normal phase. It's not physically or psychologically harmful, and there are no chances of a STI or pregnancy.

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