Housemate diplomacy

So I moved into a place in a semi dodgy area, there is a bit of crime about. One of my housemates insist we keep the doors locked even when everyone's home. I have no problem doing that. Another one of my housemates, a kiwi guy, thinks its stupid to lock the doors when everyone is home.
One time I forgot, I came home sick and just went straight to bed without locking the door, and she went apeshit about it. I took responsibility, apologized etc.

Since then, it has been left unlocked a few more times and she's always msging me angry msgs about it. The person she needs to talk to is the kiwi guy, and I have told her that. She told me that she sends the msgs as a group msg. Yesterday I spoke to the kiwi guy and he told me that he's never gotten any msgs from her.

I'm angry that 1.she's lying to me and 2.that she continues to blame me for it, when I'm on her side.

What would you do?

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  • Maybe she's some kind of bitch but she's a still a girl living with two strangers in a crappy and unsafe area. I'd want those damn doors locked too if I was her.

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    • yeah same here I want them locked as well

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