Holy religiousness

I know most holy men are into overwhelming goodness and excessive blood of spirit, it's a blood cult, it's called Christianity. And these cults are weird and religious. It's all about the nonsense and the creeds of the brotherhood. They bow down to God, even though phony religious people don't, they just go to church to eat the grub and socialise.
Hypocrites aren't frigging religion! They're fat people with bald heads like a monk just to look Catholic and they say they're not monks, liar! They have some service with the monkhood, they're just not wearing their habits. That's not religion, it's sacrilege with the church! Have you noticed hypocrites only need glasses when they don't attend church? Isn't it ironic most churchies don't wear glasses except for the priests, and never the vicars?
That's a sign how much they're lying, they're trying to look good, the priests are trying to look authoritative with white hair, wrinkles and spots, and folds in their necks and faces, and glasses. Have you noticed it's literally religion? It's a service and therefore it's the organised worship and service of a god. That's what religion is, and boy do they enjoy the money! The stupid thing is they're exempt from taxes and they veil themselves behind the curtain with a seemingly normal church service, and you know what priests do behind closed doors.

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