Hips and thighs have muscle spasm, when trying to exercise?

I am 63 and have arthritis and have had a hip replacement and other leg ankle fusion.
I have been exercising every day since the surgeries, for 3 years.
Slacked off for the passed 2-3 months, and hips started hurting, so I am trying to pick back up my pace, but I get terrible muscle spasms in my hips, thighs, legs. could it just be arthritis?

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  • Low Magnesium and low potassium are the most likely culprits.

    You can buy "light salt" which is 50% potassium chloride and use it for your salt and eliminate the potassium shortage.

    Magnesium either requires eating more high magnesium foods and or a supplement.

    Be careful with magnesium supplements. Take too much and it gives you diarrhea. So be careful until you know how your system is reacting (I had to cut my magnesium dose in half from what the supplier recommended for the "per dose").

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  • Could be low potassium.

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  • Start slowly and then build up the pace. Its likely soreness.

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