Hes got a huge package

there's this guy i know who wears like skin tight pants and he's HUUGGE. huge dick, huge balls. everything=huge. it all bulges out in full detail and you can see everything. it looks like hes got a potato in his pants!!! i find it hot as hell but a lot of other girls think its gross. is it weird that a guy would walk around like that? and am i weird for liking it?

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  • thank you,i will be out again today.

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  • girls only have feeling 4" into their pussies.

    im not saying girls dont get more pleasure out of a man with a bigger dick, all i am saying is that the pleasure of a bigger cock is psychological rather than actual pleasure

    girls have 4 main pleasure points in their pussy.
    the clitoris, the g-spot, the diameter of the vagina, and the position of the penis.

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  • there's a sock in there.....robert plant made a million dollars doing the same thing........

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  • Men like big tits and women like big dicks. Case closed!

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  • It's not weird that a guy walks around like that, and you are not weird for liking it. It's hot!

    Many guys like to show their assets, and choose their clothing accordingly. The type of underwear a guy wears can make a big difference in how his bulge looks. I get off on it.

    I discovered that when I wear boxers, my dick will fall down the right leg of my pants or shorts, and the entire outline of my cock will show. On Saturday morning, I'll dress to go shopping with loose boxers, a pair of lightweight gym shorts (or track pants in the winter), and a snug t-shirt that shows that I workout. I'll look myself over in the mirror before I leave home, and I love seeing the head of my dick slightly tenting the right side of my shorts. Very often, no one will notice, but there are always a few who get the "deer in the headlights" look on their faces and stare. I love it!

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  • Send him to my house when my wife is at work. I will learn all about it and give you a full report in the morning. I will need semen samples, but I need them as fresh as possible. I'll just suck those out myself.

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