Help me i dont wanna work on halloween

Yall i don't wanna work on Halloween gimmie some excuses please šŸ˜­

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  • Just call in sick lmao.

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    • I did and i got suspended lmao im so done working w family.

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    • Yeah it doesnt need to be complicated. Halloween is even a cherished holiday after the age of 14.

      November 1st on the other hand... good bargain candy sales.

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  • tell them ur grandma fell down the stairs and died idk

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  • Tell them you've come down with a new strain they call, Covid 21, that should frighten them and they'll actually tell you to stay away from work.

    Since it's new you get to make up the rules. Such as it's not contagious if you have enough alcohol in your system, or it only last one night. What ever you need.

    Enjoy the night off.

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  • Tell 'em you gotta go vampire hunting. Since it's Halloween, lots of people dress as vampires, the real bloodsuckers come out to hunt in great numbers without drawing attention to themselves.

    You have your custom Colt revolvers, silver bullets, wrist saw and machine gun crossbow ready! You have to hunt down Dracula and his brides to stop the vampires from killing the whole town! And Frankenstein's monster will help you at some point.

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  • tell em that just like when theres a chainsaw weildin lunatic on the loose your car cranks & cranks but wont start

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