Help. has anybody else experienced this . bed trembling

Hi there


I would just like to have an honest discussion and to find out if anybody else has experienced the same things as me.

So basically it's been going on for atleast 7 years now.

It mostly happens when I have just drifted of to sleep (But not always)
I tend to wake up with my heart racing and wheater I am on the sofa of in bed I notice that it starts to shakes (the bed or sofa & whilst im in or not it) well its More a vibration if anything. I will be fully awake whilst this happenes.

The vibrations are quite strong.

And believe me all the possibilities I have looked into

No pets under the bed , electrical devices, traffic, trains etc.

No drugs, alcohol or medication involved either

It's happened in more than one house

I remember a few times even being in bed with somebody else and they have also felt the vibrations however it tends to happen more so when I am alone.

I googled almost everything that I could think of for answers. And this is my last result.

So please - has any of you ever experienced the same thing or anything similar?

It's happens so often It's like I know what's about to come next

*I wake up suddenly - heart racing as I'm almost afraid of something (no bad dreams so at complete random)

* I lay awake trying to gather my thought

*the vibrations- trembling start

Please help.

Many thanks

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  • Sleep paralysis?

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    • Hi thank you for your reply

      I have experienced sleep paralysis in the past. But it's not this.

      When I wake up suddenly with a racing heart - it's so strange I can't really explain it. But it's moments after I feel the shaking /vibrations

      But sometimes- last night for example ,I was on the sofa wide awake whilst it was happening to me

      Have you ever heard of this before or experienced anything like it?

      I really appreciate your response

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  • Hypnagogic state
    Google it.

    For some people it can feel like vibrating or shaking. For me it's a feeling of falling with a sudden awakening. Try sleeping face down.

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    • Hi there

      Thank you for your reply.

      I have googled it before and done some research.

      The only thing is - it seems to happen to me when I am wide awake.

      I even recall being in bed with my sister a few times watching movies etc and she has felt it aswell.

      My sister's always say as a joke now that they don't like getting into bed with me as it freaks them out lol

      So is this what you think happens to you - hypnagogic stage of sleep?

      I have googled almost everything I can think of and this forum was my last result.

      Whilst googling last night I noticed somebody else had a similar issue they was experiencing on this same forum. Hence me making an account to reply back . But unfortunately their post was very old and no longer open for discussion.

      I noticed somebody reply stating that it happens to a very few people around the world and to massage them directly. However like I said it had expired .

      I just have no idea as to what it could be or mean ?

      It does seem to happen around the same time aswell.

      It's not something I look out for but it's hard to miss.

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  • Earth quakes common in your area?

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  • Its your nerves.

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