Heavy bleeding means no pregnancy?

Hi, I took the morning pill a couple of weeks ago, I can't take the pill at the moment as it isn't a possibility but i'm planning on going on it asap. After taking the MAP I had spotting until 3 days before I was going to get my period again, I then started suuper heavy bleeding like if I coughed or moved I could feel it coming out. (Sorry for the discription) i'm a very paranoid person and although some may think i'm crazy for even asking this question, I think some closure that i'm not pregnant would be great to hear. Thanks so much!

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  • Im no doctor, but I don't think you're pregnant. The morning after pill is pretty effective if you take it less than 3 days after unprotected sex. Within 24 hours, it's more effective.

    For future reference,,,im NOT A DOCTOR,, but if you take copious amounts of vitamin C (straight Vit. C, no rose hips or anything added) the week leading up to your next period, it will most likely induce menstruation, thereby avoiding the cost of morning after pills... works for me anyway.

    Look it up before doing it though!!!!

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    • I only know that "overdosing" on vit c ends in diarrhoea :/

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    • I've never heard of this but it seems to me that taking anything in the week leading up to menstruation wouldn't necessarily be inducing menstruation, unless you're suggesting Vitamin C can induce a miscarriage?

      How would you know it's working for you if you're not having a pregnancy test?

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      • Right, I did mean abortion rather than period, but in this case, both are sorta the same.

        Your inquiry is definitely justifiable, and I would not recommend this to every one, but for me, I was worried about being pregnant a while back and looked up natural abortion methods. I thought it was too early for a pregnancy test so I just started taking a lot of vitamin C the week leading up to my period. I got it a little early and it seemed heavier than usual, so it was some sort of coincidence or I aborted a potential baby. Either way, I was pleased, I dont want another kid...

        There really isn't any scientific data to support the vit. C method, but it has worked for plenty of women who had positive pregnancy results, then tried the vit. C method. Can be dangerous though, that's why i suggested the op to read up on it first.

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  • Morning after pills are not meant to be regular birth control. As long as he pulls out you should be fine.

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