Heaven or hell? a round table discussion

Maybe you know this app where you have to judge different people and then send them either to heaven or hell.

Where would you dump this guy?

- protects and cares for friends, talks to them regularly
- thinks about world events while dead drunk
- knows no restraint and enjoys the adrenaline of a good fight

I'd like to understand your opinion, so it would be really great if you could answer briefly why you decided.

I think it's not easy because you can see each point as you want. But since I'm a pessirealist, I would send him to hell. Who says he can't be a bad influence for his friends, despite his protective nature? He could ruin people's day with his mind boggle and if he can't restrain himself, he won't necessarily only compete in legal boxing matches.

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  • This person sounds like a flawed person, not a bad person. Heaven is specifically reserved for flawed people

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