Heart palpitations when stressed out. is it normal?

Am I being a hypochondriac? When I get stressed I immediately get heart palpitations that last on average 6-7 hours on and off probably about 20 an hour. Is it normal?

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  • That's anxiety, not stress.

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  • See a doctor, get an ekg and echo just to rule anything serious out. Do you have a famiky history of heart disease?

    Here's some tips: 1. Stop drinking caffeine (coffee, soda, energy drinks, etc.).
    2. Try some meditation or ways to slow down your schedule.
    3. Drink more water. Sometimes dehydration can cause it.

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  • Absolutely normal, be careful it’s not a sign of a panic attack though

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  • It’s called tachycardia and shouldn’t be taken lightly. It could lead to a stroke. Tell your doc asap.

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  • I've had that before

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  • If it makes you unable to do you responsibilities, then you should seek medical help. But it just bothers you then there is no problem.
    Wait and observe your symptoms, if it last more than 2 weeks, then I think it is time to see your GP.

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  • use to get them all the time when I use to get high. They went away

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