Heart palpitations when someone misgenders me? iin?

I know some of you will not take this seriously so go the hell away if you're going to say anything negative I need advice and need to know if this is normal.

I'm getting heart palpitations lately every time some one misgenders me and not any other time. It started maybe 3 weeks ago I had to call up my phone company to cancel because I'm switching and the person on the phone said hello mister ____ and I let it go the first time always do because I know they don't know so I quickly correct it and said I'm they/them just call me by my name he said sorry but kept it up saying sir and that's when my heart started fluttering it felt like constant missed beats and continued the hole time I was talking to this person and since then it keeps happening.

It didn't happen before a month ago it didn't happen now it keeps happening. I was out to eat ordering and the waiter said and for you sir and I had to correct him because he was obviously cis male but it was immediately this time before he knew I was they/them that my heart palpitations started and they keep happening now even online watching videos of other non binary people on YouTube and reading comments saying *her correcting other comments saying they/them as an insult to go against non binary people and I don't know what to do. It's scaring me because it feels intense every time.

I'm waiting to see a doctor about it but don't have an appointment until January.

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  • Heart palpitations are never normal. Always see a doctor about that as heart palpitations are a very serious health risk.

    I'm talking about purely physical health here. Gender identity clinicians aren't trained to deal with that side of your life.

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