Having nightmares of getting my balls squeezed

Listen guys I have been having this weird dream of somebody grabbing my balls and squeezing the life out of them.Imagine that somebody just walking up to you and squeezing the life out of them.Thats what it feels like.

I asked my brother if he ever had that sort of dream and he said that he has also experienced it. We just laughed about it cause thats what guys do.

I have had this dream more then once and I wake up feeling really weird like I had no control. Most of the time its a woman or something like an accident.

I know some people have the elevator dream where they are free falling in an elevator and ive had those dreams also. What can possibly be causing this?

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  • iv had those same dreams for about two years now..at first i just thought i was dreaming about someone hurting my balls,..but pay close attention to your hands when you wake up from these dreams, i beat you are squeezing your balls in your sleep,.. thats exactly what i do in my sleep,and the dream is just going along with the pain.. just like when the alarm clock goes off, and you have a dream your at a concert or something.. i dont know what causes this.

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  • Probably stress...

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  • Really? You don't know why? It's your brother! He's grabbing your balls and squeezing then while you sleep, what a coincidence that he has the same problem, that's bs, he's the one squeezing and u dream about it.

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  • Haha dude it sucks, I just woke up from a dream like that so I got online to see if anyone else has had dreams like this! Its 4:51am right now and I just woke up for a dream like that. I was killing zombies and right before we ran out of ammo my friend grabbed my balls and started to squeeze them. He said he's sorry but he had to do it! Like really? No you don't dude I wish I could squeeze their balls back !

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  • i just had that dream where someone was squeezing my balls.. i had to Google it. i looked on other web site and i saw someone with the same dream.. but in my dream i can remember the face ssoo if i see this person im going to stay far far away from them lol today is monday nov 12 and its 5 13am... so i guess it is normal

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  • Uuuhhhhh... Not normal

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  • you might be knowing that ur not in control in some sort of situation and u dream it in that form or ur just scared of someone doing this. Either way ignore the dream and it will soon go away coz even i had a recurring dream for more than a year!

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