Have you seen shadow people ?

Yesterday, I visited my grandma. She just came back from the hospital after her rectal prolapse surgery. I stayed at her apartment for the night.

I remember vividly that I kept having these short and shallow sleeps. It was like my mind was tired from thinking too much or something but I couldn't get a deep and relaxing sleep. And in the middle of the night, the air-conditioner in my room turned off by itself. I could hear the sound of it went silent because my sleep was really shallow. So I intended to wake up and turn it back on because the room felt so hot and I was sweating like a pig. So I tried to opened my eyes but I couldn't. My body couldn't move either. It was like I was trapped in my body, only my mind worked at the moment. I knew I must had had sleep paralysis. I was scared, of course I was but I still hoped it would eventually wear off and I could move again. So I waited patiently. The room was so quiet, it started to make me worry. The only sound I could hear was my own breath getting heavier and heavier.

Eventually, I could finally open my eyes, all I could see was darkness, my body still couldn't move. I rolled my eyes and look at the direction of the door. It was so dark but I could see that the door was completely opened, and very little light came in from where the kitchen should be. And that was when I saw this dark, round figure hanging on a side of the door frame. The more I looked at it, the more it looked like a man head tilting and protruding from behind the door leading into my room. It was like someone was trying to peak into my room and watching me sleep. The figure stood still like a statue but all I could see was its head, the body was hiding behind the wall. I was so scared and my heart started to race.

I panicked and tried to move my body. After about 3 minutes of struggling, I finally could jump up on my bed. I grabbed my phone as quick as I could and turned the flash light on, I directed the light at the door, where I thought I had seen the figure but it was gone. I gathered all my energy and sprinted out of my room to my grandma's room, I burst into her room and woke her up. I turned on all the light in the apartment and then told my grandma what had happened. My grandma didn't say anything, she just told me that I should sleep with her next time and then she went to light some candles on the altar and prayed for like 10 minutes before we went back to sleep. Even with grandma beside, I couldn't sleep until morning. I'm not sure what I saw was real or it was just a nightmare. I'm still pretty scared. What do you think ? Has anyone have this experience ?

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  • It's called sleep paralysis. Common manifestations are shadow people or an old lady, you can't move because your body thinks is still asleep.

    Google sleep paralysis

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  • Sleep paralysis is a common phenomenon that has happened to people throughout history.
    If affected by it, the person will not be able to move and will begin to hallucinate. The vividness of these hallucinations vary from 'worrying' to 'terrifying' depending on the seriousness of your sleep paralysis.
    Naturally it will wear off and whether or not you saw ghost, shadow people, or a demonic little girl remains unkown.
    But just remember, it was probably due from sleep paralysis.

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  • This is a Stephen King rip off. How dare you!

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  • I used to know a woman who told me she saw shadow people out of the corner of her eye when she did crystal meth.

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  • The people commenting above me are probably right. But if this happens again and you CAN move, don't stay over at your grandma's place again; my dad lived in a haunted house and it friggin sucked. If this problem persists in other places, I would try sleeping on my back.

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  • You probably lucid dreaming

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